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Top 10 WordPress Plugins We Use
Posted: Nov 30 2012

Top 10 WordPress Plugins We Use If you use WordPress, then you most likely use some plugins. I was working with a client today and discussing the plugins we were going to install on her new site. That discussion got me thinking about the main plugins that we use for most of our design installs. Well, that led to a Top Ten List. Here are our Top 10 WordPress Plugins that we use in our More to read…

What Do I Put In My Sidebars?
Posted: Nov 03 2012

What Do I Put In My Sidebars? Often times when I am working with clients, I am asked for suggestions about what to put in the sidebars. I have compiled two lists. The first list is what I would consider to be the most important things. The second list depends largely on your specific blog and what you hope to accomplish with it. Items from either of these lists could also go in a footer, More to read…

Finding And Fixing Bugs In Your WordPress
Posted: Nov 02 2012

Finding And Fixing Bugs In Your WordPress There are many different things that you can do to fix the “bugs” in your WordPress blog/site. The reference to “bugs” here is all the pesky little things that are keeping your site from being the best that it can be. We have put together a list of resources that you can use to check to see where you can make improvements to your WordPress blog/site. Improving Your More to read…

WordPress Security Scanning
Posted: Nov 01 2012

WordPress Security Scanning Every week we have clients coming to us with WordPress security issues on their blogs. Sometimes their blogs are completely down due to WordPress plugins that crashed them; other times they are loaded with viruses and malware; and sometimes we have to dig and figure out exactly what the problem is. It is our job to thoroughly search your site and fix any issues you may be having and get you back More to read…

Are Your WordPress Plugins Safe?
Posted: Jul 27 2012

Here at Honeycomb Design Studio my husband and I are frequently helping clients who have had their sites crash or become infected with malware due to WordPress Plugins they are using. To save you some heartache, I thought it might be a good idea to share the things that we tell our clients. These guidelines are not completely foolproof, but they are a good place to start when choosing which WordPress Plugins to install on More to read…

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